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Dilwara Jain Temples, Mount Abu

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Dilwara Jain Temples, Mount Abu
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Traveler’s Facts

Whats this: Famous Jain temple in Mount Abu, known fo the marble carving work
Should I Visit: Yes, its a must visit tourist place
Location: In Mount Abu
Built by: Chalukya
Built in: 11th and 13th centuries AD
Ok, how to reach: One can easily reach Dilwara Temple by taking local Buses and Taxis

These world-renowned temples are the greatest draw of Mount Abu. The exteriors are quite simple and one is quite unprepared for the splendor of the interior that awaits. The main group consists of five temples wh9ich are marvels in white marble, constructed between 11th and 13th centauries. These temples are known for their rich intricate carvings, it is art at its best, and one is not able to believe that these are work of human hands. The temples of Vimal Shah and the temple of Vastupala and Tejapala are of particular interest.

The Dilwara Temples are built in accordance to the the North Indian style of temple building. The most outstanding feature of these temples are its carvings. Jain mythology, saints, gods and goddesses, monks, devotees or just good old religious motifs all find their way in a spectacular rendezvous in marble and rock. Each nook and corner of Jain temples are so diligently carved that it’s a wonder that the edifice was created out of plain stone.The method of carving was also unique. The Artisans did thinning of the marble into carved images. This was done by gently scraping away the surface till a figure eventually emerged. This is a prime reason why the temples in Mount Abu are said to be the finest Jain temples in the world.

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